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Our Mission: To produce the very best bulls we have built a herd of Gardiner Angus Ranch influenced Black Angus females with the goal of ranking in the top 10% of the breed in Calving Ease, Growth and End Product Merit while valuing and balancing other traits of importance. These females will be bred to progeny proven, high accuracy sires using Artificial Insemination, Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer.

Our Vision: To raise extraordinary black angus cattle. To develop angus bulls and females that will offer significant genetic improvement to our customers. To be a go to source for seed stock that represent the best of the breed by utilizing a continuous program of breeding improvement.

Outstanding Female Donors

EXCEPTIONAL, UNIQUE and IMPRESSIVE are the only words to describe GAR Daybreak R02.
This $15,000 Dam was purchased in 2015 at GAR Angus Ranch Spring sale.

Foundation Dam GAR Daybreak R02.

Her sons have generated over 160,000 in sales through spring 2019.

New bulls calves from RO2:
• GAR Ashland P118 – 19411160
• GAR Enhance P109 – 19489978
• GAR Phoenix P329 – 19536191

Future Donors

  • • PPA Ashland P129 – 19489980
    • PPA Quantum P369 – 19553005
    • PPA Enhance P429 – 19553006
    • GAR Ashland F708 – 19123099

  • • PPA Elba 8367 – 19223690
    • GAR Cache 108S – 19281448
    • PPA Erica 9028 – 19428235
    • EWA 827 of 531 Peyton – 19306620

E W A 828 of 678 Peyton

Registration Number: 19306647
Date of Birth: August 18, 2018
Sire: E W A Peyton 642
Dam: E W A 678 of 3128 Sure Fire

EWA 828 flush brother GAR Peyton 844 sold to Grimmius Cattle company for 75,000. His Method genetics score was top 1% for Maternal (MPI),Quality(QPI), and ROI (Return on Investment).


Customer Testimonials

“Here is the 5050 son I bought from you a few years back. He has turned into an absolute beast!!! Wonderful calves.”
– Brad Smith

Prime Results

In March 2019, 31 Steers and Heifers were sold to National Beef. They graded 100% Choice and 58% Prime. All graded YG 1,2 and 3. Average weight was only 1190 due to tough feedlot conditions due to our long wet winter. The average Prime results with this feedlot is 8%. This shows that it is GENETICS not just weight that drive carcass value. Top 5% Marbling EPDs makes a difference!