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Our Mission: To produce the very best bulls we have built a herd of Gardiner Angus Ranch influenced Black Angus females with the goal of ranking in the top 10% of the breed in Calving Ease, Growth and End Product Merit while valuing and balancing other traits of importance. These females will be bred to progeny proven, high accuracy sires using Artificial Insemination, Invitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer.

Our Vision: To raise extraordinary black angus cattle. To develop angus bulls and females that will offer significant genetic improvement to our customers. To be a go to source for seed stock that represent the best of the breed by utilizing a continuous program of breeding improvement.

Marketing: We decided over 10 years ago to market our bulls through Gardiner Angus Ranch one of the top angus breeders in the world. Many of the nations top seed stock breeders, semen companies and commercial cattlemen turn to G A R for the best angus genetics the Angus breed has to offer.  

Founded in 1885 Gardiner Angus Ranch is a family owned ranching operation located near Ashland Kansas. Using their experience in cattle breeding, state of the art technology, data management and sound science they produce cattle that make documented improvements to the beef industry. They document genetic merit on over 5,000 cattle a year. The ranch encompasses more than 48,000 acres and is a founding member of U. S. Premium Beef.

Working with Mark Gardiner and his family has been a real joy. They are a wonderful family that has much to be proud of. They are hard workers, honest and truly one of the pioneer families that have transformed the cattle business for  betterment of the angus breed.  It is a blessing to be able to market our bulls with Mark and his family.

Raising bulls that can compete nationally with the best of the best at G A R is our challenge and mission. We use G A R genetics with state of the art Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer to produce the best cattle we can.  Peterson Prime Angus Ranch bulls have been delivered to 19 states and as far away as New York, California and Mexico. We have seed stock bulls at Select Sires OH, ST Genetics TX and Grimmius Cattle Company CA. and here at the farm.

We have retained our best females for breeding over the last few years.  Stay tuned as we are beginning to plan our first female sale featuring top donor females never before offered.

Joint Online Production Sale - October 18, 2023

Hosted by DV Auction.
View the flip catalog below. View the PDF sale catalog.


  • P121 sold half interest  for 17,000 at GAR fall sale. 
  • Contact FB Genetics for semen sales.


G A R Holy Fire P310

AAA Number: 19727545 - Click to view Pedigree
• GAR 310 sold one half interest for 157,000 at Gardiner Angus Ranch Spring sale. Select Sires, ST Genetics and Grimmius Cattle company bid on this outstanding bull with Grimmius Cattle Company in Hanford CA having the winning bid. He is currently ranked as the number 3 Angus bull for marbling at 2.10.
• Semen is available at Grimmius Cattle Company.

G A R Sure Fire N959

AAA Number: 19706705 - Click to view Pedigree
• Lot 424, G A R Sure Fire N959 is a May 20, 2019, daughter of G A R Sure Fire. She sells in our 42nd Annual Production Sale, Saturday, April 3, 2021, at the ranch near Ashland, Kansas.

G A R Home Town 1040

AAA Number: 19862572 - Click to view Pedigree
Son of G A R Home Town
• This outstanding heifer was added to our donor pen at the 2022 Spring sale at Gardiner Angus Ranch. Valued at 50,000 dollars she is partnered with Lorson Angus Farms Jersey Shore PA.
With a flawless phenotype and a %IMF Ratio of 114 and MARB 1.76 with a Method Genetics score in the top 1% in ROI she is an outstanding example of a heifer that will lead to significant genetic improvement in any herd.

CAM Prophet K263 T389

We are excited to add this elite k263 daughter to our breeding program. She has 10 EPDs of merit in the top 3 % of the breed. It will be exciting to see how her elite genetics help generate the next generation of cattle.

G A R Surefire N1608

AAA Number: 19393551 - Click to view Pedigree
New donor.
• Daughter of one of the most popular sires in the last 5 years Surefire and Granddaughter of 425,000 GAR Progress 830.


Customer Testimonials

"Here is the 5050 son I bought from you a few years back. He has turned into an absolute beast!!! Wonderful calves."
- Brad Smith

Prime Results

In March 2019, 31 Steers and Heifers were sold to National Beef. They graded 100% Choice and 58% Prime. All graded YG 1,2 and 3. Average weight was only 1190 due to tough feedlot conditions due to our long wet winter. The average Prime results with this feedlot is 8%. This shows that it is GENETICS not just weight that drive carcass value. Top 5% Marbling EPDs makes a difference!