Our family has been farming and raising cattle in Missouri and Illinois since 1869, starting in Randolph County, Missouri and also in Illinois. We are now the fifth generation involved in agriculture in Missouri. Our love of the farm and the land came from our grandparents J. W. and Leta Palmer, and Ralph and Hannah Coorts.

Our parents all grew up on a farm and still have an emotional and physical connection to the land. My Dad and Mom have had a cow/calf operation for 43 years and counting. Kathy’s dad is always very interested in the cattle and what is going on next with the ranch as he grew up on a farm not too far from the ranch. What a blessing our parents and grandparents have been to our families with a lifetime of treasured memories growing up on the farm.

In 1997 we purchased our first farm in Linn County, Missouri just minutes from where Kathy and I grew up. The rolling green hills of North Missouri with its ample rainfall and grasslands make it a perfect location for raising high quality cattle. We have almost 800 acres of prime pastureland that is now known as Peterson Prime Angus Ranch, LLC.

In 2008 we decided to build a new herd of cattle focused on the best genetics we could acquire. With the luxury of starting a herd from scratch we could focus on building a herd of females from a reputable genetic line that is one of the best in the cattle business. With much research and talking to ranchers we decided to work with Gardiner Angus Ranch in Ashland, KS. Their genetics are among the very best and their model breeding program has produced some of the finest Angus cattle in the history of the Angus breed. Our many thanks to Mark Gardiner and friend Daryl Sales for their advice and guidance in helping us build our quality herd of registered black Angus females.

My friends Mark Gardiner and Daryl Sales

Greg Gardiner always has a smile on his face ready to sort bulls