Green Hills Fresh Meats, LLC

We recently purchased a slaughterhouse and butcher shop to market our high marbling beef to consumers. We are currently working to expand our ability to process more cattle and hogs. We plan on being able to market high quality beef to consumers across the country. Raising high marbling cattle that are hormone and antibiotic free is a passion for us.

Stayed tuned for more information about this new opportunity for us.


This is why we raise G A R Angus Beef. Marbling does matter and makes for an awesome eating experience for the consumer and brings a premium price from the commercial packers. This is what Peterson Prime Angus Beef is all about. Raising high quality seed stock bulls and donors that produce PRIME angus calves for the commercial cattlemen and consumers.

Doug Peterson - President
Green Hills Fresh Meats, LLC
700 Brookfield Av.
Brookfield Mo. 64628