G A R Holy Fire P310
Registration Number: 19727545
Date of Birth: January 6, 2020
Sire: G A R Bonfire
Dam: PPA Momentum P937
Semen: Available at Grimmius Cattle Company
GAR 310 sold one half interest for 157,000 at Gardiner Angus Ranch Spring sale. Select Sires, ST Genetics and Grimmius Cattle company bid on this outstanding bull with Grimmius Cattle Company in Hanford CA having the winning bid. He is currently ranked as the number 3 Angus bull for marbling at 2.10.

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G A R Prime Shot
Registration Number: 19706608
Date of Birth: June 4, 2019
Sire:G A R Momentum
Dam: G A R Sunrise 2785
Ranks number 13 in non parent bulls for Marbling with EPD of 1.96. Semen will be available in Spring of 2021.

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GAR Consecrated
Registration Number: 19204379
Date of Birth: September 2, 2018
Sire:G A R Ashland
Dam: G A R Daybreak R02
Semen available at Grimmius Cattle Company in Oakdale, CA.

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GAR Intrepid
Registration Number: 19411160
Date of Birth: September 4, 2018
Sire:G A R Ashland
Dam: G A R Daybreak R02
Available at ST Genetics TX.

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E W A 828 of 678 Peyton
Registration Number: 19306647
Date of Birth: August 18, 2018
Sire: E W A Peyton 642
Dam: E W A 678 of 3128 Sure Fire

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EWA 828 flush brother GAR Peyton 844 sold to Grimmius Cattle company for 75,000. His Method genetics score was top 1% for Maternal (MPI),Quality(QPI), and ROI (Return on Investment).

AI Sires


G A R Transcendent
Registration Number: 19570738
Lot 1 bull selling April 3 at G A R Spring sale.

GAR Hometown
Registration Number: 19266718

G A R Dual Threat
Registration Number: 19123898

GAR Early Bird
Registration Number: 17354178

GAR Momentum
Registration Number: 17354145

G A R Inertia

G A R Bonfire
Registration Number: 18789776

G A R Phoenix
Registration Number: 18636106

G A R Ashland
Registration Number: 18217198

SydGen Enhance
Registration Number: 18170041

GAR Sure Fire
Registration Number: 17328461

Garden Opus
Registration Number: 19266718

7AN510 Peyton